My Summer Custom Makeup Palette

My Summer Custom Makeup Palette

Every time a new eyeshadow palette or highlighter palette is announced, the Internet goes crazy, products sell out in seconds, and beauty junkies run wild. It's safe to say that most people love a good palette, but sometimes you just need the shades that are tried and true that you know will work for you, the shades you would throw in your bag if you had to travel someplace ASAP! 

I've created one of these palettes myself using a combination of single shadows and complexion products, & stored them in my large magnetic palette from Juvia's Place. (Use COCOA for $$ off)

See below for the deets!

THE NEUTRALS - These are all of my transition shades and shades I use when I want to create very basic eye looks, like in the "Nude Cocoa Color Story."

POPS OF COLOR - I'm not a HUGE fan of color, but when I do feel like adding a lill somethin somethin to my eyes, these are the shades I typically reach for. I also LOVE orange shades on darker complexions; something about them makes me swoon.


GOLDEN BRONZY SHADOWS - These are my go-to shimmery shades that I can quickly pop on my lids, or use to create more glam looks. (Fun fact - all of the models in our "The New Nude" shoot had Steampunk on their lids. It has different color reflects which makes it easy to great a smokey eye with just one shadow!) 

COMPLEXION - As someone who travels a bunch, I like to have a few complexion products on hand so I don't have to carry around too many products or palettes, especially ones that could easily break in transit. 

From Top to Bottom 

Do you have a custom palette of your own? What shades are in it? Let us know in the comments below and like this post if you are feelin' it!