Find your nudes

Find your nudes

Finding the perfect nude lippie can sometimes prove to an impossible feat. I can't tell you the number of times I have walked into a store and asked for a nude lipstick recommendation only to be lead COMPLETELY astray. 

(Case in point: 2013 New Year's Mistake🙈 (lets not even discuss the rest of that makeup look)

Now we all know that this color CAN be used to create a nude lipstick look. (I now pair this lippie with M.A.C. "Chesnut" lip pencil and some clear gloss and it looks BOMB) But, here are some nude lippie recommendations that take the work out of creating a nude lip look; the type of nude lip that can be worn with a full beat and on those days where you just feel like throwing on a tinted moisturizer. Hopefully, it makes the search for the perfect nude lippie a tad bit easier. 

Nudes for light to medium complexions

Nudes for medium to dark complexions

Nudes for dark to deep complexions