Dewy makeup must-haves

Dewy makeup must-haves

I was heavily influenced by the "dewy look" for our first editorial: "The New Nude." You know, when it appears like someone has taken a mini spray bottle and placed just the right amount of glow on your cheeks and temples, making you appear like you are effortlessly radiating from within.

You know, this glow.

thenewnude-cocoa swatches - melded

This is a complete list of Dewy Makeup Must Haves, that will not only help you achieve this look, but are also brown complexion friendly. ;) 

Check out the swatches below, split into "high end," or products that cost over $25 and "low end," products that cost under $25.



1. Elcie Cosmetics Glow Enhancer Drops are liquid fairy dust in a bottle. Add a couple drops to your moisturizer or foundation to give your makeup an extra umph!

Get it for $45 now.

2. The Estée Edit Flash Illuminator in " Night Light" is another shade of its sister illuminator, Day Light. This unique shade of golden bronze is perfect to pair under your favorite powder highlighter. 

Get it for $28 now.

3. The Estée Edit Flash Illuminator in " Sun Light" is yet another product that can be used in a number of ways. You just need one pump to add to your favorite tinted moisturizer or foundation to get that "I woke up like this" glow.

 Get it for $28 now. 

4. The Estée Edit Beam Team Bronze Hydrate + Glow is another multifunctional product you are going to want to add to your makeup arsenal. The fact that you get both a golden balm and and illuminating lotion in one product is an added bonus.

 Get it for $42 now.

5. Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in "Seduction" gives your face a natural bronze look that can be easily intensified with a dash of MAC's Fix + spray.

Get it for $42 now.

high end dewy makeup must haves

6. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in "Blushed Copper" will add a natural flushed look to your face with a hit of shimmer. #CocoaTip: Add this product to the apples of your cheeks to appear more luminous.

7. Cover FX Enhancer Drops in "Candlelight" is a glimmering golden bronze pigment that will bring out the inner sun goddess in you. These drops are super pigmented and customizable, allowing you to create a personalized glow. 

Get it now for $42 now.

8. Cover FX Enhancer Drops in "Sunlight" will give you that glow you can see from miles away! This multifunctional product can be mixed in with your foundation or applied straight on to the face. (Check out some of the ways I love to use it in the video below)

Get it now for $42 now.

9. Glossier Haloscope Highlighter in "Quartz" is "Topaz's" fraternal twin. With more of an iridescent, silver glow, Quartz will help you give you that natural post exercise glow without the blood, sweat, and tears. (phew!)

 Get it for $22 now.



1. Makeup Revolution Bronzer in "Rock on World" could easily be mistaken for the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Blushed Copper seen above. (Dupe Alert?) At a fraction of the cost, it gives you a beautiful bronzy radiance.

 Get it for $4.50 now.

2. Black Radiance Bronzer in "Rum Spice"  has just the right amount of bronze and golden pigments. Although described as a "bronzer," it functions as a highlighter on darker complexions.

Get it for $4.99 now.

3 .If you ever wondered whether darker complexions could even wear "bronzers," (as have I)  Shea Moisture Bronzer in "Mandalay Dusk" is for you. The rich chocolate hue of the product is complimented by subtle golden flecks.

Get it for $14.99 now. 

4. L'Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Liquid Glow Illuminator in "Rose" is a true rose gold colored liquid illuminator. It can definitely bring bright warmth to the places you want to highlight most on your face and body.

Get it for $12.99 now.



5. NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in "Sun Goddess"

Sun Goddess is another product that wavers on the side of an actual bronzer for darker complexions. The deep bronze liquid formula can be easily added to your makeup routine for an easy gleam.

Get it for $7.49 now.

6. NYX Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator in "Pure Gold"

Pure Gold is a true gold liquid illuminator that is similar to the Estee Edit Night Light Illuminator mentioned above. Like it's pricier counterpart, Pure Gold can be used in a number of different ways during your makeup routine.

 Get it for $7.49 now.

7. Colourpop Highlighter in "Avalon"

Colourpop highlighters are one the brand's best products. For under $10, Avalon will deliver an intense coppery bronze highlight with a simple touch of the finger.

Get it for $8 now.

8. Colourpop Highlighter in "Glo Up"

Like Avalon, Glo Up can also give you a super intense glow. It's like bling for your cheeks. 
Get it for $8 now.