Spellbound Palette - Stilazzi

Spellbound Palette - Stilazzi

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Official Description:

So you like a bit of drama in your life? We do too! It keeps things exciting. Sizzling matte browns, smoky wine shades, and sparkling jewel tones will add vivid dimension to the windows of your soul. Keep them enchanted, keep them Spellbound. 

  • Nudist: Matte Blush Beige

  • Skinny Dip: Satin Golden-Beige

  • Desert Sun: Matte Peachy-Brown

  • Miami Mama: Foiled Coral Shimmer

  • Hot Springs: Matte Burnt Rust-Brown

  • Rage: Ruby Red Pearl

  • Done Dirty: Warm Matte Coffee-Brown

  • Cognac: Rust Matte Brown

  • Pyramid: Golden-Copper Shimmer

  • Wine Not: Matte Maroon Red

  • S & M: Matte Dark Purple

  • Temptress: Purple-Violet with Gold Shimmer

  • Chocolatier: Warm Matte Chocolate Brown

  • Queen: Iridescent Bronze-Green

  • Wicked: Deep Green Shimmer

  • Midnight: Matte Dark Blue

  • Blue Lagoon: Navy Blue with Silver Micro-Glitter

  • Smoked Out: Intense Matte Black

(use ‘cocoa’ for $$ off)


The Spellbound palette from Stilazzi is super cute! The assortment of shades make the possibilities endless! Both the mattes and shimmers are quite pigmented and are easy to apply. Its a great palette for beginners who are looking to experiment with color on the eyes.