Pink Color Theory Eye Kit - Persona Cosmetics

Pink Color Theory Eye Kit - Persona Cosmetics

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Official Description:

It’s time to break free from your neutral makeup comfort zone. Meet the Color Theory Eye Kit in Pink, designed to uncomplicate the way you wear pink toned eyeshadows! With five versatile matte shades, a multi-use, fluffy brush and a 24-hour waterproof eyeliner, you’ve got everything you need to wear pink confidently! Using the concept of color theory, the Pink Kit was formulated specifically to complement brown and green eyes. Starting from left to right, each shade easily takes you from inner to outer corner of your eyes, for a seamless eye look every time. Whether you’re looking to add a hint of millennial pink to your everyday look or build on your eyeshadow for a night out, this kit will take you to the next level.

**Ideal for green and brown eyes**


  1. A five-shade eyeshadow palette

  2. A 24-hr waterproof matte eyeliner

  3. A multi-use, fluffy brush

(use ‘cocoa’ for $$ off)


This is such a great palette for anyone who wants to experiment with color! This all matte color scheme has super pigmented shadows that will pop on any skintone. The brush is super soft and blends the shadows well; the liner is very pigmented and doesn’t budge once it sets.