Three Tips for Buying Foundation Online

Three Tips for Buying Foundation Online

To be frank, buying foundation online can be a b*tch. It's especially frustrating when beauty retailers like Sephora and Ulta only carry the lighter shades of certain foundation formulas, leaving those of us with darker complexions to play the guessing game. Side effects of this phenomenon might include: 1. Wasted Time 2. Wasted $$ 3.Hella Frustration.

Until we can find a way to solve this crippling conundrum, I've got three tips that can help you find your shade whenever you are looking to purchase foundations online. 


Pigment File is one of the latest beauty web apps to hit the scene. This super intuitive site can help you search foundations by formula, coverage, desired finish, price, and much more! Each foundation entry tells you all the info you need to narrow down your foundation search, including how many shades are offered for each product. Favorite the foundations you like the most so you can have a running list to reference as you shop! 

* BONUS: The creator also writes articles from time to time that explain some of the makeup industry's most asked questions. Like why the chemical makeup of a single foundation line may actually differ, depending on the shade. Fascinating stuff!


FindNation is great if you currently have a foundation that matches your complexion but you are looking for a change in formula or price. This web app enables you to choose the foundations you currently use, and gives you suggestions on brands, formulas, and shades, based on your choices. It's not 100% fool proof but can definitely help lead you in the right direction.

3. Knowing your undertones

Figuring out your undertone can be a challenge but once you do, it will make foundation shopping a lot easier. Brands often put which undertone each foundation shade is made for, in it's description. 


Don't know your undertone? Here are a couple videos that might help you out!