New Hair, Who Dis?

New Hair, Who Dis?

Picture this: You walk out of the hair stylist's feeling bomb AF after getting your new 24" ombrè weave slayed. You go home and start putting on your makeup for a night out with the girls. You complete your look only to find that deep orchid colored liquid matte lippie doesn't quite pop as much as it did before. 

If you are anything like me, and like to change your wig every week, or even if you just like to change your hair color with the seasons, you might have run into this common problem: your go-to makeup doesn't work with your new hairstyle.

We asked some of your favorite beauty gurus, who love to play with different hair-dos, for some tips on how they keep their makeup on point. 


Meet Brittanie Evans

Brittanie is an Instagram beauty bombshell. With over 490,000 followers, she serves entirely new looks on the daily, going as far as embodying animated characters with her own spin. Her collaboration with Aboni cosmetics offered a range of beautiful lipsticks. 

Meet Hermosa Lynn

Hermosa really knows her way around hair and makeup. One day you might catch her with long, old glamour style black curls, and the next, a short blue bob. On her blog she proclaims, "Beauty and Fashion OBSESSED. I'm here to help you make SMART purchasing decisions. Great style is about UNDERSTANDING."

Meet Shalom Blac

Shalom has been an inspiration to many across the globe. According to, Shalom said, "I find makeup to be a universal thing that connects us together, letting us express our own style in our own ways," she tells us. "There are no rules to makeup. And as a burn survivor, it gives me a chance to share my passion with others that may be going through similar things—or better yet, inspire someone to love who they see in the mirror."

She is definitely nothing short of amazing.

We asked our experts a series of questions relating to how their various hair looks affect their makeup artistry. Check out their responses below!

On changing their hair:

BE: My actual hair color under my wigs stay a brown color. I have natural curly hair that I dye a Medium Chestnut Brown twice a year. I went natural in 2012 and kept it red for about a year until my TWA grew out. Then I tried black, purple, then orange, then blonde, then black again. After two years of colors, I decided to stop putting so much stress on my hair. That is when I started wearing wigs 3-4 days out of the week to satisfy my need to change my hair. As far as my wigs, I change them often. I want to have at least 2 different options per hair color. 

HE: Every couple of days because I'm extra LOL

SB: I used to change my hair color almost every month, but I've kinda chilled lately.

On their favorite hair color to wear:

BE: A warm Honey Blonde. I feel this shade in particular looks best on my complexion. Cooler tones are not my friend. I learned this the hard way.

HL: At the moment, blonde is my favorite. My natural hair has always been jet black so going to the extreme opposite end of the spectrum is a fun change!

SB: My favorite hair color to wear to be red/burgundy, lol I just think I pulled it off pretty well and it makes my skin tone pop.


On matching their makeup looks with their hairstyles:

BE: I have a wig closet. (Yes. It’s an actual closet with 4 shelves devoted to my wigs.) I will try on about four or five wigs before I end up choosing the perfect wig for my look. Most of the time, I almost always go back to the first wig choice. Certain hair colors and styles do not always suit a makeup look. For instance, I love glowy bronze looks with my honey blonde hair, preferably with beach waves. If this blonde hair is curly, then I would change it up with fluffier lashes, and a cat-eye. With my black curly wig, I tend to stick to simple eye looks and eye-catching matte lips.

HL: I like to play off the undertones in my hair color when creating beauty looks. I'll choose warm makeup for warm hair colors when I want to be subtle and cool tones for edginess. And vise versa.

SB: I have to exclude/include some colors into my makeup routine to make it balanced. I mainly change up my lip colors.

On favorite lipsticks to wear with certain hair colors: 

Brittanie is wearing "Killer Queen" from Aboni Cosmetics

Brittanie is wearing "Killer Queen" from Aboni Cosmetics

BE: When I wear my red wig, I love to wear my Colouredraine Cherry Blossom red liquid lipstick.  It’s the perfect shade of red; I adore it. I also like to pair that same lipstick with my black wavy hair for an instant ‘old Hollywood’ look. For my blonde hair, I try to stick with glosses. (Anastasia Beverly Hills “TARA” lip-gloss is one of my favorites.)

My go-to lipstick that literally goes with any makeup look or wig has to be from my very own collection with Aboni Cosmetics. It’s a warm brown matte lip called Killer Queen. I would wear this shade every day of my life if I could.

HL: I tend to stick to nudes/neutrals with blonde hair. Tom Ford "Warm Sable" is my go-to. ABH "Ashton" and "Sepia" liquid lipsticks are complimentary too.

Hermosa is wearing ABH liquid lipstick in "Ashton"

Hermosa is wearing ABH liquid lipstick in "Ashton"

Shalom is wearing MAC "Chestnut" lip pencil with Gerard Cosmetics Supreme Lip Cream in "Wonderland"

Shalom is wearing MAC "Chestnut" lip pencil with Gerard Cosmetics Supreme Lip Cream in "Wonderland"

SB: I like pairing MAC "Chestnut" lip pencil with Gerard Cosmetics Supreme Lip Cream in "Wonderland" with about any hair color.  

Tips + Tricks:

BE: With any hairstyle or makeup look I believe everyone can wear the look they are ‘going for,’ I just believe that it needs to be altered to fit the individual. I am warm toned so I tend to always stay in the realm of golds, bronze, and colors with yellow or orange undertones. If I wear a red lip, I will choose one that’s warm rather than a cool toned red. I prefer chocolate brown hair instead of black.

Also I think the individual should consider where they would like the focus to be. If you have bright pink hair, you can keep your makeup subtle to bring more attention to the hair, or you can completely go all out and pair it with a matching pink lip.

With shorter hair, I tend to go more smoked out with my eyeshadows, typically brown smoke instead of black, and leave my lips neutral. If you have your hair cut into a bang that will take attention away from your eyeshadow, try a fun lip color. (Such as Kat Von D Cosmetics lipstick shade in "A Go-Go").

Learn if your undertone is cool, warmed, or neutral then play around with hair colors and makeup looks in those tones. Navy, red, and purple do not look the best on me. However, teal, orange, and peach looks great on me.  It’s all about learning your tones, applying your makeup to compliment your tone then adjusting it to fit your hairstyle.  

HE: Have fun, and step outside of your comfort zone! Take risks, it's only makeup! Changing your brow color is always refreshing. Play up the tones in your new hair.

SB: Just go with the type of makeup you feel the most beautiful & comfortable in, but be open minded first & see if you will like something new.

You can keep up with Brittanie on Instagram, Hermosa on Instagram and Youtube, and and Shalom on Instagram and Youtube.