FSOB: Drugstore Highlighters

FSOB: Drugstore Highlighters

Okay. Picture this. 

You are getting ready to go somewhere and proceed to beat. that. face. BUT, in the process something goes awry. 

You realize you are out of foundation. 

Your lipstick melted from the last time it was in your purse. 

You just dropped your favorite highlighter. 


You run out to your local CVS/Rite Aid/Duane Reade/<insert the closest drugstore here>, to try and replace your product...only to be confronted with a slight problem. 

As you walk down the makeup aisles, it becomes increasingly clear that there is somewhat of a trend happening....


It's almost impossible to find what you need because there are barely any products for skintones with a bit of melanin!

Now obviously there are those of us who shop for drugstore makeup regularly (myself included.) But depending on where you live, it can be difficult to find certain products in the drugstore because it appears as though products complimenting darker complexions are noticeably absent. 

Soo...I decided to start the F.S.O.B. series - I will go into local drugstores, combatting the "f.ifty s.hades o.f b.eige" and look for particular products that I think will compliment brown complexions. 

The first product to kick off the series are: highlighters. we are going to start with powder versions for part 1. See below for all of the products I discovered and of course swatched! You might want to take a trip to your local drugstore soon. (For the purposed of this series, I am including places like Walmart, Ulta, and local beauty supply stores as places to get "drugstore" products)



The Powders

Ruby Kisses Bronze Glow Powder


Before I started this series, I already purchased this Ruby Kisses Bronze Powder and just HAD to include it. It is super pigmented and only costs about 4 bucks. You can probably find Ruby Kisses at your local beauty supply store. (that's where I found mine)


Melanin Friendly? - YAS | Price: approx $4 | Where to buy: local beauty supply store


Makeup Revolution Shimmer Bricks & Baked Bronzer

Photo taken at an Ulta

Photo taken at an Ulta

Melanin Friendly? - YAS | Price: $7 each | Where to buy: Ulta

Melanin Friendly? - YAS | Price: $6 | Where to buy: ulta

photo taken at Target

photo taken at Target

Melanin Friendly? - YAS | Price: $12.99 | Where to buy: Target

photo taken at walmart

photo taken at walmart

Melanin Friendly? - maybe. A pink highlighter definitely won't compliment everyone, but you might be able to get away with using some of the shades in the palette without mixing them toegether | Price: $4.99 | Where to buy: Walmart, Walgreens

Melanin Friendly? - mhm, yas!! | Price: $5.49 | Where to buy: Now this one is tricky. Unfortunately, brands like black radiance are only available in places where various drugstore retailers deem them best. Cue the eye roll. I bought these at Walmart, but you might also be able to find these at a Target, Walgreens, or Duane Reade. If not you can purchase these highlighters online.

Melanin Friendly? - Ok, so quick story time. I picked these up without even looking, thinking they were both "bronzers" and I was grabbing both the medium ad deep versions. Come to find out, the "deep" version was a mineral powder and the "medium" version is a mineral bronzer. The deep powder is super ashy. I am not sure what its for but it would probably be better suited for medium to light complexions. The bronzer tho is POPPIN! Such a sweet surprise. Although I can deal without the messy packaging, the powder is a beautiful bronzy shade that can be used as a gorgy highlighter for medium to dark complexions.  | Price: $7.99 | Where to buy: most major drugstores

Melanin Friendly? - maybe. It is a pretty gold shade but may read ashy on some complexions and undertones | Price: $7.99 | Where to buy: most drugstores