Best BSS Finds
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Endless rows of bundles. Coily hair products galore. Bamboo earrings and fake diamond studs. You know I'm talking about the beauty supply store!

For many of us, our first introduction into beauty world occurred at our local beauty supply store. I have early memories of going to the beauty supply store to stock up on braiding hair, scalp treatments, earrings, and anything else I could convince my mom to buy me. 😂😂

It was at the beauty supply store where I first became brave enough to experiment with color in my hair. (Burgundy braids were a hit during my high school years)  It was also at the beauty supply store where I first bought products to help me "go natural."

As I got older, I started to become aware of the NYX glosses and LA girl concealers on the shelves and began to add these products to my makeup routine. 

To this day, I can't leave the beauty supply store without throwing in a couple makeup products to try when I get home.

Here are a few of my top makeup picks you might want to pick up the next time you are in the mood to switch up your hairdo. 

BSS Finds.jpg

1. NYX Intense Butter Gloss

Although NYX can literally be found EVERYWHERE these days, you will probably find these Intense Butter Glosses a little cheaper at the BSS. They are super pigmented and glossy. Perf for summa summa summa time!

BSS Finds3.jpg

2. Ruby Kisses All Over Bronzer Powder

Ok, lets be real - these are gonna "bronze" anyone with a deeper skintone, however, they are great everyday highlighters for the person who wants a subtle but still noticeable glow. You can intensify these powders by spraying some MAC Fix + (or even just water) on your brush. 

BSS Finds4.jpg

3. I-Envy Iconic Lash Collection

I love this lash collection because you can get some of your favorite expensive lash styles for just $5! They are pretty comfy and there are a number of styles to choose from!

wearing "Natural Icon 09"

wearing "Natural Icon 09"

wearing the gloss, lashes, and highlighter

wearing the gloss, lashes, and highlighter

What are some of your fave BSS finds?