5 Eyeshadow Palettes for the Basic B*tc$ in All of Us

5 Eyeshadow Palettes for the Basic B*tc$ in All of Us

The word "basic" gets a bad rap these days, but there is a time and place for everything. There are days where you are feeling experimental with your makeup and there are days where you just need a palette that worksThese are the basic palettes that you need in your kit on a vacation or for your "I have a huge important meeting today!" makeup. Check out swatches of 5 eyeshadow palettes below that serve the basic b*tc$ in all of us, because sometimes its necessary!

Even though this palette only has 5 colors, it can surprisingly help create a NUMBER of lewks! The super soft, pigmented matte formula also makes for great transition shades and can easily compliment other more colorful palettes.

BakedBrowns-2 copy.jpg
BakedBrowns-6 copy.jpg

Although this palette skews a little to the warmer side, the mix of shimmer and matte shades make this palette perf for every day use. 


With the cheapest price tag of the bunch, this palette is a steal! The unique mix of brown based shades give you just enough to mix it up and get creative, or stay within the realms of neutral glam.


Although I admittedly have mixed feelings about Tarte as a brand, this palette has remained my guilty pleasure. Each shade is pretty neutral but at the same time very versatile. The clay shadow formula is also super pigmented and blendable. 


The Identity Palette is an amazing neutral palette, especially for those with brown eyes. This is another palette that also has a great mix of warm and cooler tones as well as mattes and shimmers.


This palette DEFINITELY skews warmer but it was one of the first palettes I owned that allowed me to actually use every single shade! (You can use the code 'COCOA' for $$ off your purchase)

What is your favorite every day basic pallette?