Deep - Bobbi Brown Bronzer

Deep - Bobbi Brown Bronzer

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Official Description:

deep golden brown ; This bronzing powder is formulated with the perfect balance of red and brown tones (that exist in a true tan) to create the most natural effect. It blends perfectly with all skin tones for a sunkissed glow and the buildable formula allows for a "deep tan" look.

Why We're Feelin' It

I actually LOVE this bronzer. It is the perfect shade of brown to add warmth to the face, in lieu of a contour product. It's great for everyday/casual looks. HOWEVER, if you are even the tiniest bit darker than me, this bronzer won't work and this is the darkest shade. People with darker complexions can get "tan" too! I wish they had some deeper shades because this is a great matte bronzer.