Proceed with Caution Palette - Makeup Shayla x Colourpop

Proceed with Caution Palette - Makeup Shayla x Colourpop

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Official Description:

Your daily makeup routine has been interrupted by Shayla’s beat af new palette. Wearable warm toned eyeshadows look fierce on every skintone, while pops of vibrant yellow and orange create a look that’s uniquely its own. WARNING: Wearing shades from this palette may cause distraction to others around you, Proceed with Caution.

Proceed: matte pale banana
Maintenance: matte chestnut brown
Dead End: metallic yellow gold with silver flecks
Warning: metallic tangerine with a gold flip
HZRD: metallic deep bronze with golden flecks
Caution: matte golden yellow
Drill: metallic true copper
Culture: matte soft brown
Gloves On: matte black with copper flecks


Makeup Shayla collaborated with Colourpop once again to give us a beautiful, affordable eye shadow palette! The warm matte and shimmery shades make for gorge pops of color on the eyes - the shimmers especially can easily turn a look super glam.