Danielle's Pick

Danielle's Pick

Meet Danielle. The self proclaimed "Style and Beauty Doctor," has done a plethora of work in the beauty industry and has shared her favorite lip combo with us!

Danielle says, "My favorite nude lip combo is Lip Definer in "Mordoré Nude" + Rogue Allure in "Ambiguë" + Glossimer in "Giggle." The lipstick and gloss can stand on their own, but I love all three together. These colors are the perfect mauvey-pink shade and make a beautiful nude lip look for dark skin. I own TONS of nudes but almost always reach for this one."


Purchase Deets:

Chanel Lip Definer in Morode Nude - $31

Chanel Rouge Allure in Ambigue - $35 (discontinued :/ ) 

Chanel Glossimer in "Giggle" - $30 (discontinued :/ ) 


Danielle looks amazing in this Chanel lippie combo! Keep up with Danielle and her amazing beauty blog, The Style and Beauty Doctor.