Makeup Geek Power Pigments

Makeup Geek Power Pigments

Official description:

About Makeup Geek Power Pigments

  • Highly-pigmented eyeshadows that will maintain their vibrancy on any skin tone - check out the swatches!
  • 1% pearl formula helps create a matte formula, that is not flat or muddy
  • Change color and opacity with light blending.
  • Intense saturation and high pigmentation with a simple swipe of your finger!
  • Power pigment eyeshadow pan weight is 2 g / 0.07 oz
  • The pans can be placed in our travel vault or mega vault palette
  • All our eyeshadows are PETA certified cruelty free -- we do not allow our products to be tested on animals

Shades Swatched:

  • Untouchable -Don't let others influence the way you feel about yourself. Untouchable gives you the strength to carry on! ;  bold, cherry red
  • Dynamic  - Energize your day by making a change or creating progress in your everyday life. Dynamic will make your look super exciting! ; bright, citrus orange
  • Potential - Stand out in a crowd and show your are capable of doing more. Potential brightens your smile and adds a shine to your eyes! ; light, fresh, dandelion yellow
  • Transform - Embrace the changes happening in your life. Transform will take any look to another level! ; deep, dramatic jade
  • Tenacious - Be strong enough to hold onto things in your life you can't live without. Tenacious will allow you to create looks of determination! ; radiant, sky-blue cerulean

  • Indestructible - Stop defeat before it even begins. Indestructible creates looks that cannot be destroyed! ; intense, classic, true-indigo blue

  • Invincible - Have enough power to defeat and overcome any obstacle. Invincible creates unbeatable looks! ; bold, vibrant, cool purple

  • Dedicated - Let your devotion, integrity, and loyalty shine through. Dedicated commits to creating a look that will turn heads! ; warm, rich, plum purple

  • Courageous - Live bravely and do not be discouraged by what others may think. Courageous adds a exquisite pop of color to any look! ; delicate, mellow magenta

  • Unleashed - Release yourself from all that has been holding your back. Unleashed frees you from reaching for the those go to shades! ; bright, rosy pink

dynamic in action

dynamic in action