I Am Magic Collection - Juvias Place

I Am Magic Collection - Juvias Place

Official description:

Take a trip around the world with Juvia's Place and our brand new I AM MAGIC Foundation formulas. From Sudan to Marisol, our 42 expertly formulated shades are globally-inspired for long-lasting, all-day wearability. I AM MAGIC Foundation was designed for ALL skin tones, from the deepest dark to the fairest fair. Live YOUR magic with Juvia's Place. ($20)

Shade Descriptions: 

Deepest Dark 

Sudan-Deepest Dark Skin with Cool Undertone (Cool)

Senegal-Deepest Dark Skin with neutral undertone (Neutral)

Chad-Deepest Dark Skin with Neutral undertone (Neutral)

Mali-Deepest Dark Skin with warm undertone (warm)

Angola-Deep Dark Skin with warm olive undertone (Olive)

Kano-Deep Dark Skin with warm undertone (Warm)

Deep Dark

Kenya-Deep Dark with warm- golden undertone (Golden)

Tanzania-Deep Dark with Cool Undertone (Cool)

Togo-Deep Dark with cool-Olive undertone (Olive)

Dakar-Deep Dark with warm Undertone (Warm)

Malawi-Dark with Golden Undertone (Golden)

Lagos-Dark with neutral undertone (Neutral)


Garbon-Dark Neutral golden Undertone (Neutral)

Burkina-Dark Skin with Neutral warm Undertone (Neutral)

Zaria-Dark skin with warm slightly red undertone (Warm)

Accra-Dark skin with cool olive undertone (Olive)

Kampala-Dark Tan Skin with golden Undertone (Golden)

Somalia-Dark Tan Skin with warm undertone (Warm)

I AM MAGIC Concealer - Experience the new I AM MAGIC Liquid Concealer from Juvia's Place, designed to give you a full range of weightless coverage across 24 unique shades, formulated for all skin types and tones. Live YOUR magic with Juvia's Place. ($14)

wearing Angola

wearing Angola

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